Our Philosophy

So long as you are living, you are on a journey — and there remains ample opportunity for joy and for wonder. That is our philosophy here at CountryHouse, and it guides everything we do on behalf of residents. We will not settle for providing a place for people just to grow stagnant. Instead, we seek to make every part of everyday truly engaging to the residents who stay with us — providing them with real joy and fulfillment.

At CountryHouse, our philosophy of care focuses on creating moments of joy.

The LifeCycles Program

This philosophy is best seen in our LifeCycles calendar, which provides robust programming year-round. Each week brings a new theme — often connected to the seasons — and each day brings a new lineup of activities that relate to that theme. The activities may include cooking, crafts, exercise, dance, and more; all are designed to promote interaction and to stimulate happy memories. At the same time, they promote our whole-person, four-fold view of health — a holistic conception that encompasses social, spiritual, physical, and intellectual well-being.

CHGI sqswimphoto 1 (8)Note that we do not have “activity” times here at CountryHouse, segmented from the rest of the day; we believe that everything our residents do, from the moment they wake up and head to breakfast, are opportunities for meaningful interaction. Our staff members seek to engage at every step of the way.

Our Residences

We strive to provide a more home-like, non-institutional alternative to traditional assisted living facilities. We never want residents to feel like they are in a hospital. We want them to feel comfortable and welcome. As such, we design our buildings to feel like private homes. We furnish them with warmth and delight. We avoid institutional cues such as med carts, signage and scrubs, and we even ensure that staff members avoid institutional language.

Treating people like family is at the heart of what we do. We’re here to offer as much help as you need. Schedule a Visit

Family Support

blog-articalThe CountryHouse philosophy also leaves plenty of room for family involvement. We understand that family members also need to be supported and upheld, and we seek to do so in a number of casual, welcoming contexts — including regular “Coffee Club” chats and more. We also seek to help residents maintain their most cherished family traditions, and invite loved ones to join us at CountryHouse for a number of special events.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a rich life for those who live with us — and that means we do things a little differently than our competitors. Learn more about the CountryHouse distinction. Contact us today with any questions.

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CountryHouse Stories

W e honor a person's life by telling his or her story. Alzheimer’s disease gradually robs people of the memories that remind them of who they are, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done. By gathering and preserving memories, we can bring important events and experiences from the past into the present. We can be the link to each one’s life history. Stories help affirm all the positive things a person has done in life and can still do. They remind us of who the individual was before Alzheimer’s disease.

My name is Jeff Ryan and my father, Jim Ryan is a resident at Country House in Lincoln, NE on 84th Street. I wanted to write a testimonial to the Country House organization. My father has lived at County House for a few years now. What helped my family decide on Country House over the other care facilities in the area, is the Country House organization. Country House is a care facility that truly cares, from the top person in the organization to the chef in the kitchen. Every person associate…
Jeff RyanAuto Claim Team Manager
Dear Becky, It has been almost two months since dad died (Erick Seifert), and I wanted to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to you and all of your outstanding staff at Astoria Gardens. As you recall, our family was quite involved with selecting a memory care unit for dad. We came armed with a long list of detailed questions when looking for the ideal placement. Having experience as an RN with hospice and home health care background, I knew what I wanted AND did not want when it c…
Diana RootBSN, RNPlano, TX
Dear Mr. Hug, Once again, your team at the Kensington has proven their devotion to your motto, “Treating People Like Family is the Heart of What We Do!” You were kind enough to visit my family in my mother’s room the day that we moved her in a year ago. This evening, with my brother, Mike, from Hastings out-of-town, I was faced with being “on call” with my mother Doris Kleppinger from where I live in Virginia. She has been facing some issues of not eating, difficulty swallowing, and breath…
Lu KleppingerVienna VA

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