We believe CountryHouse offers the finest services, best value, most home-like atmosphere and kindest staff you can find. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our families are saying:

Entrusting the care of a loved one to someone new is never easy, but after moving my husband to CountryHouse in Lincoln I immediately felt the love and concern not only for the residents but the entire family as well. It made the transition to CountryHouse so much easier. Since everyone’s journey is so different, I have also been impressed with the personalization of care and activities provided. Including family members in activities and trips makes it so thoughtful and lets us spend more quality time with our loved ones. (Daughter, M. B. J.)

The minute we walked into CountryHouse with my mom I knew it was a special place. The staff makes you feel at home, and the genuine care and love they give to their residents is amazing. Alzheimer’s is a horrible disease. It affects the family in so many ways. Every day is different for Mom. Some are good and some are bad. But knowing Mom is safe, loved and happy is such a comfort. CountryHouse in Grand Island feels like our “adopted” family. (Daughter, D. L.)

When I read in the Kearney Hub that CountryHouse was coming to town I was so thankful, even before the building was up. If CountryHouse had not come to Kearney I would have continued to keep Stan at home with home care because I did not feel like there was a better option. CountryHouse is a better option… activities, friends, excellent caregivers, variety, a schedule that is consistent and appropriate, and the facility is FAMILY FRIENDLY! I thank God every day that CountryHouse Memory Care Residence came to Kearney. (Wife of S. B.)

My father has lived at CountryHouse in for a few years now. What helped my family decide on CountryHouse over the other care facilities in the area is the CountryHouse organization. CountryHouse is a facility that truly cares, from the top person in the organization to the chef in the kitchen. Every person associated with CountryHouse treats my father with respect and dignity. Just as important, they treat my family the same. The Director where my father resides has been instrumental in educating my family on my father’s condition and guiding us through the coping process. Moving my father was the hardest thing my family has ever had to do, but it is also the best thing we have ever done for him. He is now in a safe place, surrounded by people who care for him and care about him. He loves where he lives almost as much as we do. I can’t say enough about the positive impact the CountryHouse organization has had on my father and our family. You are all special people who will always be dear in our hearts. Thanks for all you do, each and every day! (Son, J. R.)

The outstanding care my mother receives at CountryHouse improves the quality of her life. Mom is content and happy, and I don’t worry about her well-being anymore. The caregivers are some of the most loving people I have met. They go above and beyond to make sure each person is treated with dignity and respect. I feel like they’re an extended part of our own family. We are truly blessed to have such an outstanding facility here in Dickinson. (Daughter of A. B.)

THANK YOU for sending emails and pictures of E. — they all keep me in touch with what she is doing, wearing, eating, and the fun and social life at CountryHouse. It’s hard living so far from Grand Island. I am very appreciative of what you have done (and are doing) for her and all the other residents. They are all loved and pampered, and I’m certain that their families like ours are grateful for the love, encouragement and smiles they receive. (Sister, L. R.)

Thank you for hosting the monthly caregiver support meeting in Lincoln. I’m glad my husband was able to attend last night because I think it was good for him to listen to all the folks who have loved ones in your day care program and how they transitioned to living in the residence. It greatly set his mind at ease about the next step for his mother. I am so grateful that we found CountryHouse and appreciate all that you have done for our family. We can see that you are genuinely concerned and care about both the residents and families that you come in contact with. I’ve come to believe, after visiting so many different facilities in Lincoln, that CountryHouse stands above the rest for care and compassion. (E. M.)

We moved my father into CountryHouse in January 2015. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Yet I can’t imagine having to go through this transition in our lives without the professionally trained and caring staff at CountryHouse. They have consistently demonstrated the utmost understanding, and continue to go the extra mile in providing outstanding care to my father as well as compassionate care to my mother when she comes to visit each day. They truly create an environment that provides wonderful moments for residents and families. I highly recommend CountryHouse in Grand Island. (Son, S. L. E.)

If there ever comes a time that a parent of yours is in need of the most dedicated and professional care, then you would be well advised to choose CountryHouse in Dickinson. It is so deeply appreciated to see and know that your parent is so well cared for at all times in such a sincere manner. (Son, B. H.)

As soon as I toured and met the staff at CountryHouse in Lincoln, I knew I had found the perfect place for my father. The staff is caring and dedicated to each resident in a loving yet professional manner. They provide great nutritious meals, plus lots of activities, field trips and musical programs that provide joy and entertainment. I know that if it weren’t for CountryHouse, my father may not be a part of my life today. Everyone there goes out of their way to provide a stimulating, loving, home environment for all who reside there. I thank God every day for what the staff do for my father and for me. (Daughter, C. M. V.)

Bob and I are so impressed with the wonderful job you all do of keeping us informed as to what is going on in the daily life of our mother. I so appreciate your frequent communications, calendars, pictures, etc. I can’t tell you how thankful we are that Mom is there. It has been a difficult transition for all of us but please know we so appreciate all that you do at CountryHouse in Omaha to make life good for mom. (Daughter, B. S.)

I and my family want to thank you and the CountryHouse staff again so much for the care of our father, L. T. From our very first contact, everyone went above and beyond anything we ever expected. If you would like me to provide a testimonial I would be more than glad to talk to anyone who is considering your facility in Cumberland, providing they do not mind calling me in Kentucky. Thanks again for all you do. (Daughter, M. T.)

The staff at CountryHouse in Grand Island are wonderful for getting people in and taking residents out to do so many types of things. You should all know that you are giving wonderful days to the people you’re caring for. Thanks to all of you! (M. U. S.)

We had been praying that the transition for my dad moving from home to CountryHouse in Kearney would go well. It went amazing! My dad had an instant peace and tells us often how much he loves it here. The staff is warm, fun, caring and just overall awesome! I love the variety of activities, especially all the outings around town as well as the time at the grade school. The daily drives are a highlight (as are those stops for ice cream). The outside of the house activities are a unique and fun experience. My dad feels a real purpose there and this has been a wonderful home for him. (Daughter, S. D.)

Dear staff, thanks for an absolutely charmed day for the annual Family Picnic! The weather was perfect and the food was excellent, but of course it was the camaraderie among the staff, families and residents that was the real memory maker. I wasn’t the only person touched to tears watching their loved one smiling from ear to ear, feeling the music, and loving and living in the moment. You are all remarkable and we thank you for all you do at CountryHouse. I know it has to be a tremendous challenge sometimes. Thank you for bringing such happiness to our Mom — and peace of mind to us! (Daughter, C. C.)

You should know that, even as a special educator (I taught children with visual impairments and multiple disabilities for 39 years and am recently retired), I am in total awe of the team at CountryHouse. Everything I have seen and heard there is wonderful. Thank you for what you do. (Daughter, J. R.)

Our family was concerned about choosing the right home for our Dad and we found it in CountryHouse! We believe it’s the best assisted living option in the Grand Island area, designed just right for those with memory care needs. The staff is well trained and knows how to treat each person as individuals, with dignity. There are many planned activities each day and the meals are great, too. We feel like the staff is an extension of our family, doing all the extra meaningful things in our absence. Our family is blessed to have found CountryHouse and the excellent care they provide to our Dad. (Family of B. W.)

We went to CountryHouse in Cumberland unannounced, just to see how things were handled, and were impressed with the greeting and openness of your staff and the overall appearance of the facility and the people. Since he’s moved in, Pop Pop has improved greatly over what he was experiencing at the assisted living where he had been. I appreciate that you run a “tight ship” and that the staff seem happy in the environment. (Son, B. A.)

I stopped by today and met Dad coming back from lunch. He was telling me about the tie contest and I saw the picture in his room. I think he’s really getting into the photo ops! He told me about the Wednesday night softball game as well. He spent a lot of years coaching high school sports and there’s nothing he likes better than a ball game. I believe that the care and the interest that you and all the staff at CountryHouse in Lincoln have taken with him have improved the quality of his life since he moved in, and it’s really starting to show. Thanks to all. (Daughter of K. A.)

We are so blessed to have CountryHouse in our lives! I received the photos you sent today and Mom looks fabulous! This new environment is so much better for her. After we lost Dad, Mom came out of her shell (he was always the outgoing one), but in her later years she has become what she calls “lazy.” It’s obvious she needed more stimulation and that is exactly what she is receiving at CountryHouse in Kearney. (Daughter, L. P.)

My uncle is nearly 91 and has lived at CountryHouse in Dickinson for six years. I credit the management and staff with him still being with us today. They have provided an atmosphere of care, loving attention, nutrition and professionalism that has enabled him to survive several potentially life-threatening situations. It’s easy to see the reciprocating trust and care he has for all the staff in return. I am comfortable with the knowledge that my uncle is content, stimulated and happy in his CountryHouse home. (Nephew, K. A.)

I want to be sure to thank all of you for the BEST Christmas gift ever — taking such great care of our Dad! Mom and all of us girls have noticed the wonderful changes in Dad since arriving at CountryHouse just three weeks ago, and could not have imagined or even expected to see the dramatic improvements in him. As a nurse, I know what a little TLC can do for a patient, and it’s evident the TLC you and your staff provide for Dad has made a world of difference for him. You truly do provide “Moments of Joy” and for that we will be forever grateful! (J. N. and Family)

If someone had told me that my Mother-in-Law was seen riding a motorcycle, I would have told them they were nuts. Never in the 30-plus years I’ve know her would I have imagined her doing this. I think it’s GREAT! You girls at CountryHouse keep proving to me over and over that I couldn’t have made a better choice in who I would entrust her care to. Thanks for making her life an adventure! (Daughter-in-Law, D. T.)

CountryHouse in Lincoln is a very special house! My mom was in another memory care facility prior to moving to CountryHouse, and she is much happier here. We feel her care is a lot better, too. It has a very family-like atmosphere and we always feel welcome when we come to visit. The physical facility is very nice, clean and comfortable, but what makes it for us and Mom is the quality of the staff. They are such caring, kind and genuine people. As a former teacher, I am impressed with how they are able to individualize care. I am so thankful that my mom is being cared for by such loving people. (Daughter, K. S.)

Thank you SO much for creating such wonderful moments for our loved ones, every day and all year long! Blessings to all the caregivers at CountryHouse in Cumberland. (D. S.)

I am ever so grateful for CountryHouse in Lincoln. This is a facility where residents are treated kindly and with great respect. They get appealing meals and are stimulated by a variety of enjoyable activities that include trips out in the van, exercise, crafts, and a beautiful outdoor area with a little brook, a gazebo and a putting green. There are many special events that include families. The staff are simply outstanding. They are exceptionally business-like, positive, efficient, helpful — and fun! They seem to really enjoy the residents and each other. They do their work happily and really care about the people in their charge. I’ve personally been involved in locating assisted living placements for five relatives, and have not found another place that delivers this level of care. CountryHouse is THE BEST. (N. S.)

Dear Owners of CountryHouse, Our mom passed from time to eternity in February. She was a resident at CountryHouse in Lincoln for two years before her death. I want to personally thank you for the vision and work that has created the philosophy and care given at CountryHouse. Since we all live outside of Nebraska, we entrusted CountryHouse to care for mom in the way her family would. Alzheimer’s robbed mom of her gifts and talents, but the folks at CountryHouse created moments of joy for her on a daily basis. During her last weeks, a caregiver held her hand and read Psalms to her — a gift for which we are all grateful. The Director and Nurse gave daily input for the caregivers, program director, hairdresser, food preparation and meals that made CountryHouse a loving home for Mom. Their professionalism and understanding of Alzheimer’s and other dementias were so helpful to our family. May your support and concern for CountryHouse residences continue as they are necessary and needed by families everywhere. Sincerely, the family of N. M.

CountryHouse Stories

W e honor a person's life by telling his or her story. Alzheimer’s disease gradually robs people of the memories that remind them of who they are, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done. By gathering and preserving memories, we can bring important events and experiences from the past into the present. We can be the link to each one’s life history. Stories help affirm all the positive things a person has done in life and can still do. They remind us of who the individual was before Alzheimer’s disease.

My name is Jeff Ryan and my father, Jim Ryan is a resident at Country House in Lincoln, NE on 84th Street. I wanted to write a testimonial to the Country House organization. My father has lived at County House for a few years now. What helped my family decide on Country House over the other care facilities in the area, is the Country House organization. Country House is a care facility that truly cares, from the top person in the organization to the chef in the kitchen. Every person associate…
Jeff RyanAuto Claim Team Manager
Dear Becky, It has been almost two months since dad died (Erick Seifert), and I wanted to express our deep gratitude and appreciation to you and all of your outstanding staff at Astoria Gardens. As you recall, our family was quite involved with selecting a memory care unit for dad. We came armed with a long list of detailed questions when looking for the ideal placement. Having experience as an RN with hospice and home health care background, I knew what I wanted AND did not want when it c…
Diana RootBSN, RNPlano, TX
Dear Mr. Hug, Once again, your team at the Kensington has proven their devotion to your motto, “Treating People Like Family is the Heart of What We Do!” You were kind enough to visit my family in my mother’s room the day that we moved her in a year ago. This evening, with my brother, Mike, from Hastings out-of-town, I was faced with being “on call” with my mother Doris Kleppinger from where I live in Virginia. She has been facing some issues of not eating, difficulty swallowing, and breath…
Lu KleppingerVienna VA

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