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Rooms & Rates

Comfortable accommodations and a variety of room choices.

CountryHouse offers three room choices: companion, private and deluxe private. Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and treasured items to make their space comfortable and familiar. 


CountryHouse communities in Lincoln are pleased to offer all-inclusive rates, regardless of care level. The rates are consistent among the three communities, although CountryHouse at 70th and O offers an addition room option.

Starting Rates:

  • Rates start at $6600 per month, an average of $217 daily.
  • Respite care rates start at $275 per 24-hour period
  • Day stay visits are $125 a day.

Other Cost Considerations:

  • A one-time fee of $1500 is due prior to move-in and is not refundable after 30-days of residency.
  • Families are responsible for services not normally provided by CountryHouse, such as personal telephone or salon services.
  • Additional fees may be applicable for enhanced care, personal attendants or pets.
  • Yearly cost-of-living increases do occur.

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