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Rooms & Rates

Comfortable accommodations and a variety of room choices.

CountryHouse Folsom offers three different types of rooms: companion, private and deluxe private. Each room has a private bathroom (shared in companion rooms) and plenty of space to fill with treasured items to make your space comfortable and familiar.


Floor Plans


Rooms may vary slightly in size and layout. 

A deluxe private room is a companion room occupied by one person. 

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Two Pricing Plans:

We offer two rate plans: base rates plus levels of care and all-inclusive. Both plans include all residential services including daily meals and snacks, housekeeping, activities, transportation, cable TV, internet and much more.

For those who choose a base rate plan, additional care is most often needed. Care requirements are determined by an assessment performed by our in-house nurse or wellness director, and can be performed in conjunction with your loved one’s personal physician if you wish. We offer care plans ranging from Level 1 to 5 (and even beyond in some cases). Levels are based on a points system that takes into account the time and expertise needed to perform a care task, such as a bath, shower, or medication pass. Care at Level 1 is provided at no cost, Level 2 is $525 monthly, and costs go up from there.

Those who assess at a Level 3 or below can opt for an all-inclusive plan. If chosen, you are locked into this plan for the duration of residency, even if your level of care increases over time.. Yearly cost-of-living increases do occur.

Starting Rates:

  • Base rates start at $4995, an average of $164 daily.
  • All-inclusive plans start at $6950, an average of $228 daily.
  • Respite care rates start at $300 per 24-hour period.
  • CountryHouse Folsom unfortunately does not offer day stay services.

Other Cost Considerations:

  • A one time fee of $3000 is due prior to move-in and is not refundable after 90 days of residency.
  • Families are responsible for services not normally provided by CountryHouse, such as personal telephone or salon services.
  • Additional fees may be applicable for enhanced care, personal attendants or pets.
  • For full rate information, speak to a Senior Living Consultant.



Serra Sol pricing includes the room, care needs, meals and snacks, all life enrichment activities, housekeeping services, laundry and linen services and free transportation.

Base rates for a companion room start at $4995 per month. Base rates for a private room start at $6495 per month.

We recognize that no two people are exactly alike. For this reason, we provide customized personal assistance and health care. Care pricing is based on personalized assessments of each resident’s unique preferences and needs. If you are interested in a move to Serra Sol, your loved one will be given a free assessment by our on-site nurse and from there, will be assigned an appropriate Level of Care. Level 1 is free of charge. Up to eight Levels of Care are offered. 

If your loved one is evaluated at a Level 3 of care or lower, you may
elect to choose an all-inclusive plan. If this plan is chosen, you’re
locked into all-inclusive pricing for the duration of your loved one’s stay. A companion room starts at $6750 per month, all-inclusive. A private room starts at $8450 per month, all-inclusive. 

Other pricing considerations include a refundable deposit of $500 (holds a room for 30-days and is applied to first month’s rent), a community fee of $5000 and additional fees for enhanced care, if required. Talk to a Senior Living Consultant to learn more.


Short-Term Stays

If you need some help, but are not yet ready to make a permanent move, a short-term or respite stay may be right for you and your loved one. It’s not unusual for families choose a short-term or respite option as a bridge between in-home care and a future move to a memory care community. It’s a great way to find out how well a loved one will acclimate to Serra Sol. It’s also a helpful solution for family caregivers who need to work, travel or just take a break. Short term guests benefit from our community’s comfortable atmosphere and personalized attention from staff members who are specially trained in dementia care. Space and availability may be limited. Meals, activities and care are all included in the short-term rates. Rates are based on the length of stay. Please ask us for more info.