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What is a day stay?

What is a day stay?

Many CountryHouse communities, including those in Nebraska, Iowa and North Dakota, are licensed to provide day stay services.

A day stay is exactly what it sounds like – a stay for the day. Participants can stay for up to 8 hours for a flat fee. Rates can vary, but the average cost for CountryHouse is between $100-$150 a day. Individuals participate in life-enriching activities, outings and much more. Homemade meals and snacks are also provided.

Day stays are helpful for caregivers who need to work during the day, run errands, attend their own appointments or simply enjoy a few hours to themselves. Participants in day stay benefit from experiencing an exciting day filled with activity, socialization and stimulation, along with a safe environment and experienced caregivers.

Additionally, day stays can be a wonderful way for families and potential residents to try out a community prior to committing to a permanent move. Often, someone may start with 1-2 day stays a week, before increasing that number to 4-5. Once the family and potential resident establishes a comfortable routine, a move-in is typically a much easier process!

Contact your closest CountryHouse community to see if day stay is offered near you. Day stays are subject to space, availability and licensing requirements. Additional costs may apply for those with enhanced care or transportation needs.

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