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8 Engaging Memory Care Activities for Individuals with Dementia

8 Engaging Memory Care Activities for Individuals with Dementia

A senior couple on a scenic walk near the best senior memory care in Lincoln

When searching for engaging activities that support the cognitive health and overall well-being of our older adults, it’s essential to find pursuits that stimulate the mind and foster emotional connections. At CountryHouse, our mission is to enrich the lives of our residents through thoughtfully-curated experiences, especially for those with dementia. Our Lincoln memory care services team understands the unique needs of our community, and thus, designs activities that resonate with their individual preferences. 

Below are 8 engaging memory care activities for individuals with dementia, including some ideas that are timely for the fall season:

#1.) Memory Book / Scrapbooking

One of the best ways to preserve cherished memories is by creating a scrapbook that can be passed down to the next generation. This medium is fun, interactive, and allows you to include a wealth of different keepsakes, not just limited to photos. Adding different textures such as ticket stubs, brochures, map segments, and receipts allows you to create a wonderfully diverse and creative landscape to showcase some of your fondest memories. 

Not only that, but scrapbooking can be especially meaningful to someone living with dementia. It gives them an opportunity to relive the cherished past and pass along stories from their lifetime. Having a tangible keepsake such as a scrapbook is also very sentimental to the senior’s beloved friends and family. 

#2.) Painting Activities  

Another great way to get creative is by painting. This activity is an amazing outlet for those with dementia, as it gives them the freedom to be expressive without following a specific set of instructions. Additionally, holding a paintbrush can help to hone fine motor skills. Unfortunately, these skills can often take a decline as dementia progresses. 

If you want to think outside of the box, make the painting activity fall themed by using a pumpkin as a canvas. Pumpkin painting enables seniors to get into the festive spirit without worrying about using a knife or other sharp objects necessary for pumpkin carving. Use the pumpkins as decor in their apartment or around the public spaces of their senior living community.

#3.) Guided Cooking Classes

Here at CountryHouse, cooking demonstrations and baking classes are an integral part of our wellness program. For senior residents who truly enjoy showing off their culinary skills, this can be a really fun outlet that allows them to continue to connect with a hobby they love even when faced with cognitive challenges. Spice things up for fall fresh seasonal produce like pumpkins, apples, and squash in cooking sessions. It’s not just about the delicious results but also the joy of teamwork and achievement.

A decorative fall tray holding pumpkin spiced oatmeal cookies

#4.) Reminiscence Aromatherapy 

Scent is one of the most powerful memory triggers on the planet. That is why aromatherapy is particularly beneficial to senior living residents. With the autumn weather on its way, including familiar scents like cinnamon, apple pie, or burning wood can evoke positive feelings. Encourage your senior loved one to talk about past memories of fall and ask about their favorite seasonal traditions. 

#5.) Arts and Crafts 

Arts and crafts allow for residents to be creative while engaging their fine motor skills. Activities like creating fall wreaths or decorating pine cones are fun seasonal options. Not only that, but partaking in these activities in a group setting allows for seniors to socialize and connect with others. Socialization is extremely beneficial to someone living with dementia and helps them to keep their communication skills active and sharp.  

#6.) Interactive Storytelling

Sharing personal stories is a way of preserving our past and connecting with others. Our Lincoln memory care services team uses storytelling as a medium to foster connections and understand our resident’s unique stories and outlooks. Finding a sense of belonging and community is of the utmost importance for those living with dementia, as it helps them to feel and understand that they aren’t alone. 

#7.) Gardening Club

As the temperatures cool, fall gardening becomes an activity of choice. Planting fall flowers or harvesting the last of summer’s crop offers a sense of purpose and accomplishment. For many residents, the opportunity to spend time in nature is something that they look forward to. After all, being outdoors is particularly soothing for someone with Alzheimer’s disease. This is because nature is calming, quiet, and offers up a sense of peace that can’t typically be found while indoors. 

#8.) Daily Exercise and Movement

Physical activities can be especially beneficial for individuals with dementia, as they help maintain physical health, improve mood, and can even aid in better sleep. However, it’s important to ensure that the activities are safe and suitable for their current health condition and stage of dementia. Here are a few physical activities that are generally safe for someone who is living with dementia:

  • Walking outdoors, especially when the weather is cooler
  • Participating in yoga and tai chi classes is restorative and low impact
  • Indoor swimming and water aerobics can be refreshing as well as engaging 
  • Using a resistance band for stretches and strength building exercises
  • Dancing is a fun way to include movement while also engaging in music therapy
  • Balloon volleyball is a safe yet exciting activity to get seniors moving 

These are just a few of the activities that seniors with dementia can participate in. Remember that the needs of your loved one may differ. The important part is finding a way to get them active in a way that is safe but still stimulating. 

Tour Our Senior Memory Care in Lincoln 

In the pursuit of excellence in senior memory care in Lincoln, our team at CountryHouse is committed to understanding the unique needs of every individual. Our carefully designed activities are not just pastimes; they are bridges to memories, connections, and joyous moments.

When looking for the gold standard in senior memory care in Lincoln, trust in the holistic approach at CountryHouse. Our dedication to each individual’s well-being and happiness is reflected in the premium Lincoln memory care services we offer. Let our community be the place where memories are cherished, and every day holds a promise of joy and fulfillment. 

Contact us today to schedule a tour or to find out more information regarding our top notch memory care services!

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