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Rooms & Rates

Comfortable accommodations and a variety of room choices. 

CountryHouse in Granite Bay offers five different types of rooms: companion, private rooms and deluxe private rooms, and private and deluxe rooms on our second floor, Granite Heights. 

Each room has a private bathroom (shared in companion rooms) and plenty of space to fill with treasured items to make your room comfortable and familiar.

There is ample storage space for residents. Heating and air conditioning is individually controlled and all utilities are included in the monthly rate.

Rate Plans:

CountryHouse offers two rate plans: base rates plus levels of care and all-inclusive. Both plans include your choice of apartment along with all residential services including daily meals and snacks, housekeeping, activities, transportation, cable TV, internet and much more.
For those who choose a base rate plan, additional care is most often needed. We recognize that individuals require customized personal assistance and health care. For this reason, we offer four levels of care. Your care level is determined by a personalized assessment provided by our in-house nurse, in conjunction with your physician if you wish. The assessment takes into account your personal preferences and care needs.
Level one of care starts at $750 monthly with costs increasing as levels get higher Care beyond level four is available and charged based on minutes and points. Please ask our team for more details.
If you assess at a level two or below, you may elect to choose an all-inclusive plan. If you choose all-inclusive, you’re locked in an all-inclusive package for the duration of your residency. Please note that regular rate increases to apply to all plans – base rates plus levels of care and all-inclusive.

Starting Rates:

  • Base rates for a companion room start at $4,495, an average of $148 daily.
  • Base rates for a private room start at $5,495, an average of $181 daily.
  • Respite care rates start at $300 per 24-hour period. 
  • CountryHouse in Granite Bay, unfortunately, does not offer day-stay services.

Other Cost Considerations:

  • A one-time community fee of $3,000 holds the room of your choice for up to 15 days, and is not refundable after 90 days of residency.
  • A deposit of $500 adds you to our waiting list and is applied to your first month’s rent or is refundable if no move occurs.
  • Families are responsible for services not normally provided by CountryHouse, such as personal telephone or salon services.
  • A second occupant fee of $1,200 will be applied to apartments with more than one resident.
  • Additional fees may be applicable for enhanced care, personal attendants or pets.
  • Yearly cost-of-living increases do occur.
  • For detailed pricing information, please speak to a Senior Living Consultant.