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8 Health Reasons That Seniors Should Regularly Drink Tea

8 Health Reasons That Seniors Should Regularly Drink Tea

Enjoying a cup of tea has long been considered the drink of friends, and it has numerous health benefits as well. In fact “cup of tea” has come to be a phrase that means something you enjoy–either something is or is not your “cup of tea” meaning you do or do not like it.

When looking for a place to stay healthy, seniors may find memory care in Lincoln to fit their needs with a community that ensures opportunities for companionship. CountryHouse Residence for Memory Care provides services with a mission to treat all in our care just like family. Our community features offer opportunities for spending time together with others to dine, drink tea, or just visit.

While drinking tea has been regarded as a health-promoting habit since ancient times, modern research provides science to back up the fact that there are true health benefits to drinking tea regularly.


#1) Protect your brain

Since cognitive decline is a major concern for senior adults, this may be the greatest concern and most significant benefit of regular tea drinking. Research indicates that drinking black or green tea lowers the risk of cognitive decline by almost 50% in senior adults. 

Doing all you can to protect your brain is important. At CountryHouse, we believe that each day can be filled with joy even while you or a loved one are living with a level of memory loss. Our team works to ensure residents in our care experience moments of joy every single day. 

#2) Keep your heart healthy

Harvard Medical School has reported that drinking green tea may significantly lower the risk of heart disease by reducing the levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol. Since heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans, and more seniors over 65 are likely to suffer from it than younger people, it is important to pay attention to ways to keep the heart healthy. 

At CountryHouse, we also provide a monthly calendar full of activities and events to help you stay active. Regular physical activity is another way to lower your risk of heart issues. 

#3) Strengthen your bones

Women tend to have more of an issue with bone density than men, but those who drank tea regularly measured higher bone mineral density than those who didn’t, according to research by the University of Cambridge School of Medicine. Women who added milk to their tea also showed a higher bone density in their hips. 

Some studies have shown that the best teas for bone density are black, green and oolong. These teas, along with exercise, can lower the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia.

#4) Lower diabetes risk

The chemical substances in tea make regular drinkers of it far less apt to develop type 2 diabetes, according to Harvard School of Public Health. Their research shows the body’s cells are helped to metabolize glucose and control blood sugar levels. 

In addition to regularly drinking tea, nutritious eating is important for keeping the risk of diabetes low. CountryHouse has spacious dining rooms where delicious homemade meals are served. Our professional staff will take care of the dietary needs to maintain your best health.

#5) Ease your stress

Drinking a cup of hot tea feels calming anytime. However, studies indicate that people who drank black tea were more relaxed and had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who drank a different, substitute tea. So, if you are in need of relaxing, try black tea to do the trick! 

We believe in relaxing and nurturing. One of the elements of care we pride ourselves on at CountryHouse is our LifeCycles Wellness Program, designed to nurture every individual in their social, spiritual, intellectual and physical needs.

#6) Brighten your mood

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studied healthy older men and women in Japan, where drinking tea is very common. Those who drank 4 or more cups of green tea a day were 44% less likely to suffer from depression than those who drank less. 

Researchers said the amino acid L-theanine in green tea lifted their mood by reducing feelings of anxiety and stimulating dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical.  

#7) Keep healthy weight

A variety of studies have shown that teas can assist in maintaining a healthy weight or assisting in weight loss. Your best bet for this is switching higher calorie drinks for tea to move toward your weight and health goals. However, there is also evidence that men and women who drank at least two cups of green tea per day had a lower percentage of body fat than those who didn’t drink tea. In addition, a smaller study showed those who drank the tea burned more fat when they exercised or even went about their daily work lives. 

Black tea research in the European Journal of Nutrition indicated weight loss benefits with 3 cups a day after 3 months, and research on oolong tea in Nutrients magazine indicated a 20% boost in post-meal fat burn after 14 days of drinking it at breakfast and lunch. 

#8) Maintain friendships

Since isolation is a major problem for many senior adults, and it is a cause of depression for many, having a reason for a tea party may just be a wonderful reason to get together. You can engage with others, enjoy the variety of common areas in your community care center, and improve your health all at once. 

Teas can help with all sorts of maladies, so if you enjoy a good tea you should definitely look into a variety of herbal blends and enjoy them with friends. 

Two seniors enjoying tea and friendship at memory care in Lincoln


We would be delighted to show you how CountryHouse is designed to meet the needs of memory care at its best, offering personal care with a professional staff of caring individuals who are proud to provide the support needed. Let us make your family, our family. We just bet we’re your cup of tea!

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