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10 Tips for Making Your Space at Senior Living Feel Like Home

10 Tips for Making Your Space at Senior Living Feel Like Home

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Moving to a new living space is always a significant transition, and it can come with a blend of emotions. At CountryHouse in Omaha, our mission is to make this journey as smooth and comforting as possible, especially for those living with Alzheimer’s disease. Making a space feel like home is crucial for the mental and emotional well-being of our residents. 

That being said, we are thrilled to share more information on why a touch of home matters. In addition to that, you will also find ten tips that can help transform a new living space into a comforting, familiar environment, deeply interwoven with a sense of home and belonging.


Why a Touch of Home Matters for Memory Care Residents

Transitions, especially for those living with Alzheimer’s disease, can be a delicate journey, making it imperative to create an environment that speaks the language of home and comfort. At CountryHouse, specialized in offering refined memory care in Omaha, we understand that a touch of home extends beyond physical surroundings. It’s an emotional, psychological, and social scaffold that supports our residents in multiple, nuanced ways:


Emotional Connect: 

Familiar objects, colors, and scents can evoke cherished memories and facilitate emotional comfort. A touch of home serves as a gentle reminder of love, care, and wonderful moments shared with loved ones.


Cognitive Support: 

In a familiar environment, cognitive pathways are often stimulated, providing subtle, supportive nudges to memory recall, and aiding in maintaining cognitive function.


Safety and Security: 

Recognizable surroundings promote a sense of security and safety. Being surrounded by well-loved items and memories builds a secure cocoon that nurtures mental well-being.


Social Inclusion: 

Spaces that resonate with personal identity and history encourage social interaction and participation. A room that reflects an individual’s personality invites conversations and shared memories, thereby fostering social connections.


Enhanced Well-Being: 

A homelike atmosphere contributes to overall wellness by reducing stress and anxiety. Familiar environments often bring tranquility and comfort, making it easier for residents to adapt and thrive.

Ensuring that memory care spaces, especially within the compassionate communities at CountryHouse, resonate with the essence of home is not just about comfort – it’s about enhancing quality of life, promoting well-being, and cherishing each individual’s unique journey and memories. It’s about making memory care in Omaha a holistic, heartfelt experience.

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10 Tips to Personalize Your Space

Now that you have a little information about why curating space truly matters to memory care residents, it’s time to dive into ten tips that can help you accomplish this goal. Keep reading to get all the details on how to make CountryHouse truly feel like home:


1. Personalizing Spaces with Familiar Items

When moving into any of our four room choices – companion, private, deluxe private, or a private room in our hearthside area – at CountryHouse Omaha, we encourage residents to bring along their own furniture and cherished belongings. Adorning the space with favorite photographs, quilts, or even wall hangings that hold special memories can serve as a constant, comforting presence.


2. Incorporating Favorite Colors and Textures

Utilize bedding, curtains, and décor in favorite colors and textures to create a familiar and comfortable environment. When a room reflects personal preferences and style, it enhances the feeling of belonging and creates a personalized cocoon that resonates with warmth and safety.


3. Adopting Familiar Scents

Introducing familiar scents using safe, flameless options like diffusers can evoke warm memories and provide a subtle, continuous sense of home. From the comforting aroma of freshly baked cookies to a beloved lavender fragrance, these familiar scents can work wonders in making memory care in Omaha feel like home.


4. Cultivating a Small Indoor Garden

Adding greenery or cultivating a small indoor garden with favorite plants or flowers encourages engagement and adds a vibrant, living element to the space. Tending to plants not only brings joy but also adds a personalized touch to the living area.


5. Installing Soothing Lighting

Lighting plays a pivotal role in creating ambiance. Opting for soft, calming lights that mimic the natural sunlight rhythm can support the circadian rhythm and create a cozy, pleasant atmosphere, particularly essential in memory care environments.


6. Engaging in Familiar Activities

Ensure that residents have access to engage in activities they love, whether it’s knitting, reading, or puzzle-solving. Having a designated space or nook for these beloved hobbies can enhance their comfort and provide joyous, homely moments.


7. Creating a Memory Wall

A memory wall, adorned with pictures, memorabilia, and notes from loved ones, can provide emotional support and serve as a beautiful reminder of cherished moments and people. It’s a wonderful way to keep family and friends close, even when they are physically distant.


8. Encouraging Regular Visits from Loved Ones

At CountryHouse, we believe that familiar faces are the keystones in making memory care in Omaha homelike and welcoming. Regular visits from family and friends provide emotional sustenance, and maintaining these connections are vital for our residents’ well-being.


9. Prioritizing Comfort with Favorite Items

Incorporate cherished items like a favored chair, a beloved book, or a prized teacup into daily routines. These items, woven into everyday activities, contribute to establishing a sense of normalcy and belonging.


10. Ensuring Consistency in Daily Routines

Stable, predictable routines, particularly for those residing in memory care in Omaha, provide a structured, reassuring environment. Consistency, intertwined with personalized care, ensures that residents navigate through their days with ease and assurance.


Make the Move to CountryHouse 

Every detail counts when transforming a new living space into a heartwarming home, especially in a memory care context. At CountryHouse, we imbue every corner with compassion, understanding, and specialized care, ensuring that our communities not only feel like home but also become a secure, nurturing haven for our residents.

If you are interested in learning more about our beautiful memory care community, contact us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as schedule a time to take a tour. Once you step foot into CountryHouse, we know that you will have found your home away from home. 

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