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8 Simple Solutions to Help Seniors Feel More Energized

8 Simple Solutions to Help Seniors Feel More Energized

A senior woman yawning and stretching awake

Are you or a loved one seeking ways to feel more energized and vibrant throughout the day? At CountryHouse, we understand the importance of joyful living, especially for those living with dementia. As one of the best memory care communities in Lincoln, we offer not only expert, loving care but also a range of activities and amenities to promote enriching and fulfilling lives.

1. Participate in Regular Exercise

Incorporating regular physical activity into daily routines can significantly boost energy levels. At CountryHouse, we offer a variety of exercise options tailored to individual needs and preferences. Residents can start their mornings with gentle stretches during our Mornings In Motion sessions or participate in chair yoga for a low-impact workout. For those seeking more vigorous activity, group exercise classes like Tai Chi or dance aerobics provide opportunities to get the heart pumping and muscles moving.

2. Focus on Proper Nutrition

Fueling the body with nutritious meals is essential for maintaining energy levels. Our on-site culinary team prepares delicious and wholesome meals using fresh, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. 

Some foods that can naturally help boost energy include:

  • Leafy greens like spinach and kale, rich in vitamins and minerals
  • Lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and tofu, for sustained energy
  • Whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, providing complex carbohydrates for lasting fuel
  • Nuts and seeds, high in healthy fats and protein to keep energy levels steady
  • Fruits like berries and bananas, packed with antioxidants and natural sugars for a quick energy boost

In addition to serving balanced meals, our memory care communities in Lincoln offer cooking demonstrations and nutrition workshops to educate residents about the importance of healthy eating and empower them to make nourishing choices.

3. Get Quality Rest Each Night

Getting adequate rest at night is crucial for feeling refreshed and energized during the day. To promote better sleep hygiene, we encourage residents to:

  • Establish a regular sleep schedule by going to bed and waking up at the same time each day
  • Create a relaxing bedtime routine, such as taking a warm bath or reading a book
  • Ensure the sleeping environment is comfortable and conducive to sleep, with minimal noise and distractions
  • Limit screen time before bedtime, as the blue light emitted by electronic devices can interfere with sleep quality
  • Avoid caffeine and heavy meals close to bedtime, as they can disrupt sleep patterns

4. Engage in Mentally Stimulating Activities

Keeping the mind active and engaged is key to maintaining energy levels. Our communities offer a variety of activities designed to promote cognitive function and stimulate mental acuity. Residents can participate in History Class discussions to learn about significant events and figures, engage in Current Events sessions to stay informed about the world around them, or join Book Club meetings to share thoughts and insights on literature. Additionally, puzzles and trivia games provide fun and challenging ways to exercise the brain and enhance memory skills.

A senior woman doing a crossword puzzle at one of the best senior living communities in Lincoln

5. Seek Out Social Engagement

Connecting with others and participating in social activities can provide a significant energy boost. Our communities foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie through a wide range of social events and gatherings. From group outings to concerts and restaurants to on-site socials and games, residents have ample opportunities to interact, build meaningful relationships, and share laughter and joy with one another.

6. Express Yourself Creatively 

Engaging in creative pursuits like music, painting, and crafts can help uplift spirits and increase energy levels. Residents can unleash their creativity through activities such as painting sessions, music performances, and crafting workshops. Our memory care communities in Lincoln provide all the necessary supplies and resources, allowing residents to explore their artistic talents and express themselves in meaningful ways.

7. Spend Time Outdoors

Spending time outdoors and getting fresh air can provide numerous health benefits and help energize those living with dementia. Enjoying the sunshine and gentle breeze can improve mood and reduce stress levels. At CountryHouse, we offer opportunities for residents to explore our beautiful secure courtyard with a patio, grill, circulating creek, gazebo, and strolling path. Engaging with nature and experiencing the sights and sounds of the outdoors can enhance overall well-being and promote a sense of vitality.

8. Receive Personalized Care

Each resident receives personalized care and attention tailored to their unique needs and preferences. Whether it’s one-on-one activities or companionship from our dedicated team members, we ensure that every individual feels supported and valued. Our compassionate staff are committed to enhancing the quality of life for each resident and providing the highest standard of care with dignity and respect.

Experience the Difference at CountryHouse

At CountryHouse, we pride ourselves on creating a warm and welcoming environment where residents can truly feel at home. Our second Lincoln CountryHouse has been open for a decade, serving hundreds of families with expert, loving care. Conveniently located near Pine Lake Golf Course and The Nebraska Heart Hospital, our community offers:

  • A beautiful secure courtyard with a patio, grill, circulating creek, gazebo, and strolling path, providing a serene outdoor space for relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Comfortable living areas for activities, rest, and relaxation, including a hearthside room for events and activities.
  • On-site amenities such as a spa with a massage chair, pedicure chair, and manicure table, as well as a salon for haircuts and styles without leaving home.
  • Comfortable accommodations with a variety of room choices, including companion, private, and deluxe private rooms, each with in-room powder rooms and some with bay windows.

Additionally, our dedicated team members are the heart of CountryHouse, committed to infusing our philosophy of treating people like family into everything they do. With our 52-week curriculum of life enrichment activities, including regularly scheduled exercise, social hours, and special events inspired by the season, residents have ample opportunities to maximize wellness, strengthen connections, and foster personal growth.

From on-site activities like games, music, and crafts to off-site adventures such as scenic drives and visits to local attractions, we ensure that every day is filled with meaningful experiences and joyful moments.

Contact us today to learn more about our community and schedule a tour. Experience the difference of CountryHouse and discover why we’re the ideal choice for memory care in Lincoln.

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