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How Can a Memory Care Community Bolster Quality of Life?

How Can a Memory Care Community Bolster Quality of Life?

A smiling senior woman with her friends in the background

When considering making the move to a memory care community, it’s vital to take a closer look at how that community improves the quality of life for its residents. In Omaha, where Alzheimer care in Omaha is a top priority, CountryHouse is a lovely and homelike community, dedicated to serving those living with all types of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, for nearly a decade. Explore how CountryHouse, specializing in Alzheimer care in Omaha, can enhance the daily lives of its residents.

Improving Daily Lives

At CountryHouse, we understand that those living with dementia deserve the highest quality of life possible. We achieve this by offering a wide range of services and amenities tailored to their unique needs:

Secure and Beautiful Courtyard: 

Our community features a secure courtyard with a patio, bridge, walking path, circulating creek, and putting green. This serene outdoor space allows residents to enjoy nature safely.

Homelike Environment:

We provide a warm and comfortable living environment with quiet areas for rest and relaxation, ensuring that residents feel at home.

Life Enrichment Programs: 

Our life enrichment programs are carefully designed to stimulate the mind, body, and spirit of our residents. From engaging activities to educational classes, we offer a variety of opportunities for personal growth and interaction.

Hearthside Neighborhood: 

For those who prefer a smaller, quieter environment, our Hearthside neighborhood offers a more intimate experience. It features a large living room, a fireplace, and a dining room with French doors leading to a private patio.

Accommodation Options: 

We offer companion, private, and deluxe private room options, allowing residents to choose the living arrangement that suits them best.

Socialization and Interaction:

Our activities are designed to promote interaction and socialization among residents, fostering a sense of community.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount at CountryHouse. Due to the often nuanced behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, it is crucial to ensure the overall safety and security of residents. Our community is designed to provide residents with a secure yet homelike environment where they can thrive. Here are just a few of the ways we cater to health and wellness of those in our care:

Access to Medical Care: 

Residents have access to medical care as needed, ensuring their health and well-being are taken care of. Whether it’s a visit to the doctor or a check up at the dentist, we will help our residents get there safely. 

Secure Environment:

Safety and security should always be a top priority, but so should creating a welcoming, homelike environment. Our Alzhimer care in Omaha offers the perfect balance of both, seamlessly blending together a community that implements safety measures without sacrificing any of the hospitality and warmth.

Nurturing the Four Dimensions of Wellness

We believe that wellness goes beyond physical health. Our signature LifeCycles Wellness Program is designed to address the social, spiritual, intellectual, and physical needs of each resident. This holistic approach to wellness ensures that every aspect of a resident’s well-being is considered. Offering this program is just one of the many ways our community strives to bolster the quality of life for each individual in our care. 

A senior man enjoying playing chess with his friends at the Alzheimer care in Omaha

Personalized Care and Support

Dementia is not one size fits all and neither should be the kind of care that our residents receive. CountryHouse offers personal care services to each individual in our community by offering: 

On-Site Health Services: 

We provide 24/7 on-site care, physician oversight, licensed caregivers, and medication technicians.

Therapy Services: 

On-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy services are available, as well as accommodations for telemedicine appointments.

Fitness and Nutrition: 

Residents can stay active in our fitness studio and enjoy well-balanced menus and dining services to support good nutritional health.

Regular Assessments: 

We conduct regular resident assessments and maintain open communication with loved ones to ensure the best possible care.

Dedicated and Professional Staff

Now, let’s delve deeper into the heart of our community – our exceptional staff. At CountryHouse, we exclusively provide memory care for those who live with Alzheimer’s disease or a related dementia. Our empathetic and well-trained team works tirelessly to ensure that residents in our care experience moments of joy every single day. Whether it’s taking a scenic drive, enjoying an ice cream cone, listening to familiar music, having a heartfelt conversation, or simply holding a hand, wonderful moments happen every day at a CountryHouse community. When it comes to Alzheimer care in Omaha, they are among the best of the best. 

What sets our staff apart is their deep understanding of the unique needs of those living with dementia. We take the time to get to know each resident personally – their background, history, likes, dislikes, passions, and hobbies. This valuable knowledge is gathered by listening carefully, both to the residents themselves and to their loved ones. With this information at hand, we provide personalized care that respects the individuality of each resident within our community. 

Life Enrichment Programs

Our in-house Life Enrichment curriculum, Seasons, is designed to maximize wellness, strengthen connections, encourage meaningful engagement, and foster personal growth. Residents can participate in a variety of on-site activities, including games, music, painting, cooking demonstrations, baking, exercise, and crafts. We also host entertainers on-site for residents’ enjoyment.

In addition to on-site activities, we offer off-site adventures like boating, sporting events, concerts, restaurant visits, scenic drives, visits to farms, pumpkin patches, zoos, museums, historical sites, water parks, and more. Dementia doesn’t stop us from creating amazing experiences for our residents.

Become a CountryHouse Resident Today

CountryHouse in Omaha is more than just a memory care community; it’s a place where residents can truly feel at home. Our commitment to enhancing the quality of life for those living with dementia is unwavering. We invite you to contact our team today and learn more about our community, take a tour, and discover why we are an excellent choice for Alzheimer care in Omaha. Join us in providing joyful living for those with dementia and ensuring that their golden years are filled with happiness, comfort, and companionship.

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