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How to Talk to a Loved One Who is Hesitant About Moving to Senior Living

How to Talk to a Loved One Who is Hesitant About Moving to Senior Living

A young man and his senior father talk about moving to the Alzheimer's care in Cedar Rapids

Understanding the journey of a loved one who may need Alzheimer’s care in Cedar Rapids can be a delicate and emotional process. At CountryHouse, we recognize the importance of these discussions and the impact they have on families. Our commitment is not just to provide exceptional memory care, but to also support families during these crucial conversations. 

In this guide, we’ll explore how to approach the topic of transitioning to a senior living community, particularly for those living with Alzheimer’s disease. Continue reading to learn more:

8 Tips and Ideas for Talking to Your Loved One

Knowing how to begin the conversation can be just as difficult as the decision to transition. However, approaching the situation with empathy and a game plan can make a significant difference. Below are our best tips and ideas for easing into the conversation with your aging parent or other senior loved one.

#1.) Start with Empathy

First and foremost, empathy can go a long way. It is important to remember that change can be difficult, especially for those experiencing memory loss. When you approach the conversation, do so with understanding and patience. Due to the nature of dementia, you may have to repeat yourself multiple times or answer questions that have already been addressed. 

If things grow heated or you feel as though the conversation is going in circles, don’t be afraid to put a pin in it and try again tomorrow or another day in the very near future. Taking a breather is important for maintaining a positive approach to the conversation. 

#2.) Listen to Their Concerns

This transition can be a lot to process and your loved one may have questions or concerns. If this is the case, be sure to give them space to express their feelings and fears. Understanding their perspective is crucial in addressing any apprehension. Take each point into consideration, writing it down if necessary. If you aren’t sure how to answer a question, you can look into it and circle back into a future conversation. This will go a long way in showing that you truly care about their feelings and well being. 

#3.) Highlight the Positive Aspects

Focusing on the positive aspects can be a great way to get your loved one on board with transitioning to a memory care community. For example, you can share how Alzheimer’s care in Cedar Rapids at CountryHouse can enhance their quality of life. 

Aside from our exceptional care, including our delicious dining services, on-location salon, and beautiful grounds, you can emphasize our focus on creating positive memories and connections. One of the key ways we do that is by implementing our 52-week Seasons curriculum. These special activities may include trips, educational classes, parties and volunteer projects. All are designed to maximize wellness, as well as strengthen connections, encourage meaningful engagement and foster personal growth.

A few highlights of our life enrichment program include:

  • Music and live performances
  • Painting and arts and crafts
  • Games and activities
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Baking seasonal treats
  • Exercise and fitness classes
  • On site visits from animals 

#4.) Educate About Our Community

Another great tip is to explain that CountryHouse isn’t just a community; it’s a home where residents are treated like family. Our emphasis is on creating a safe, secure, and stimulating environment. When they become a resident of our community, they are treated with respect and care, truly becoming a member of our family. We have designed CountryHouse to become a home away from home. 

#5.) Discuss the Benefits of Specialized Care 

When moving to a senior living community, it is vital to find a place that specializes in helping those with dementia and cognitive decline. Our licensed assisted living community specializes in memory care. We aim to enhance life quality through targeted activities and personalized care plans. Our caring staff is highly trained and knowledgeable on how to help those living with dementia to lead their highest quality of life. 

A concerned family talks together with a senior loved one

#6.) Offer Reassurance

A common worry that seniors have about moving to a senior living community is that they will be forgotten about. If this is a concern for your parent or other senior loved one, be sure to reiterate your support. Let them know that you’ll visit frequently, call often, and send cards or letters. Also, emphasize the continuous support they’ll receive from our compassionate team at CountryHouse.

#7.) Plan a Visit

A great way to bring peace of mind to the transition is to go on a tour of the community together. Seeing the comfortable accommodations, participating in social activities, and meeting our team can help ease their worries. Getting a visual and seeing for themselves what a community is truly like will help them better understand that making the transition is a positive experience. 

#8.) Talk About Customized Care

Last but not least, discuss how our program is designed specifically for those with Alzheimer’s disease. By focusing on individual needs and preferences, we ensure that all of our residents receive the highest quality of care possible. Knowing that they aren’t viewed as a number but truly seen and cared for as a whole person can do a lot to bring about positive feelings and mitigate concerns. 

Transition to Our Alzheimer’s Care in Cedar Rapids

At CountryHouse, we understand that choosing a memory care community for your loved one is a significant decision. Our dedication to providing Alzheimer’s care in Cedar Rapids is rooted in our belief that every individual deserves to feel at home and be part of a family. When your senior loved one moves to our community, they will receive the best care possible. 

If you are interested in learning more about CountryHouse and the incredible memory care services that we offer, we welcome you to contact us today! Our caring and knowledgeable team is here to answer your questions and guide you through every step of this journey, including arranging a personal tour to experience the warmth and care that CountryHouse offers.

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