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Looking for a Quality Senior Living Community? 5 Essential Questions You Need to Ask

Looking for a Quality Senior Living Community? 5 Essential Questions You Need to Ask

Senior friends and a staff member do a puzzle together at the Lincoln memory care services

Making the decision to transition to a memory care community is one that takes a lot of time, care, and consideration. After all, you want to ensure that you are finding the best fit for your senior loved one and ensuring that all of their needs will be met. When looking for high quality Lincoln memory care services, you want to find somewhere that has a strong understanding of how to assist those facing cognitive decline. 

That being said, not all communities are one size fits all. You know your loved one’s conditions, as well as preferences, better than anyone. When touring and researching different memory care senior living communities, it’s vital that you find a place where they can truly feel at home. 

Below, you will find a few suggested questions you will want to ask when starting the research process:


#1.) What type of training has your staff received?

It is no secret that working with those who have Alzheimer’s disease or dementia calls for an additional level of care and patience. Staffing individuals who are properly trained in the many nuances of cognitive decline is imperative for ensuring a resident’s safety and well being. When touring a memory care community, don’t be afraid to inquire about what level of training that the staff have received. 

Also ask about any kind of continued education training programs that they might offer to employees. This is important as the research and education around dementia is constantly changing and evolving. A memory care community that prioritizes training is one that, in turn, prioritizes the health and safety of all residents. 


#2.) What kind of security measures are in place?

Due to the nature of Alzheimer’s disease, it is vital that Lincoln memory care services include a community that is both safe and secure. Dementia wandering, confusion, and agitation are all common symptoms of dementia. Without the proper safety measures in place, memory residents could very easily become lost and confused, or even wander outside of the community and into the elements. This puts both their health and physical safety at an extreme risk. 

Any memory care community worth its salt will have a multitude of safety measures in place. These might include secured exterior doors, 24/7 round the clock staffing, and a highly effective emergency response system. However, the key is to be able to offer all of these measures while still maintaining a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Here at CountryHouse, we strive to cultivate a compassionate environment that feels like home while also prioritizing resident safety. 


#3.) Are life enriching activities available?

Dementia shouldn’t keep someone from living a fulfilling life. While this diagnosis can certainly create roadblocks or challenges, it is still so very important to stay active and involved with the world around you. When transitioning to a memory care community, it’s vital to select a place that offers ample opportunities to stay connected and participate in new and exciting activities. 

Here at CountryHouse, our Lincoln memory care services include a 52-week curriculum focused on curating a fun and fulfilling senior living experience. Cooking demonstrations, live musical performances, live animal visits, educational classes, and volunteer opportunities are all just scratching the surface of what we have to offer our residents. In addition to this, our memory care residents can also tour museums, visit the zoo and local parks, and even take a trip to the swimming pool. 

A group of senior friends on a walk outdoors at a park


#4.) How is wellness prioritized at your senior living community?

Perhaps one of the main reasons behind choosing to pursue a memory care community is that you are concerned about your senior loved one’s overall wellness. Whether it be spiritually, physically, or emotionally, everyone deserves to feel their very best. A quality memory care community will be able to provide information in detail about how they assist residents and focus on wellness.

When keeping this point in mind, be sure to consider CountryHouse. A resident’s health and wellness is of the utmost importance to us, and we have created a wellness plan that reflects that. As a matter of fact, our signature LifeCycles Wellness Program is designed to help individuals make the most of every day. Each and every one of our staff members are trained on how to integrate our wellness program into resident’s daily activities. From simply eating a meal to sharing a conversation, wellness is at the core of what we do. 


#5.) What other types of amenities and services are available?

Last but certainly not least, when choosing a memory care community, be mindful of what types of amenities and services are available. These could include anything from the dining services to a beauty salon to transportation options. Each one plays an essential role in creating a community that bolsters quality of life. 

At CountryHouse, we are proud to say that we offer all of the aforementioned services and amenities and then some! Our community also features beautiful outdoor spaces, vibrant common areas, access to medical care, and support for families and loved ones. As a CountryHouse resident, you are sure to have access to everything you need.


The Best Lincoln Memory Care Services

If you are looking for a top ranking memory care community, allow your search to begin and end with CountryHouse. Not only do we offer the best Lincoln memory care services, but we also have one of the most beautiful communities in the area. Because memory care is our speciality, you can have additional peace of mind that your loved one is in the best care possible. 

To learn more about our community or to schedule a time to take a tour, contact us today! We would be happy to answer any questions you may have as well as offer you an up close and personal look at our many wonderful services and amenities. Your senior loved one deserves only the highest quality of care, and we are proud to be able to offer exactly that.

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