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Moving to Memory Care: 10 Ideas to Help Organize Your New Space

Moving to Memory Care: 10 Ideas to Help Organize Your New Space

A senior woman and her granddaughter hang up a photo at the best memory care in Omaha

When transitioning to the best memory care in Omaha, you want to do everything you can to ensure that your senior loved one feels right at home. After all, deciding to move a loved one into a memory care community is a significant step, one that comes with many emotions and considerations. At CountryHouse, we understand the importance of making this transition as smooth and comforting as possible. Our comfortable accommodations, variety of room choices, and personalized care plans ensure that each resident feels welcomed and cared for.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of tips that can help new residents to make their room and space at senior living more comfortable and tailored to their personal needs and preferences. Continue reading to learn more as well as gain additional insight on how to become a CountryHouse resident:

1. Choose the Right Room

First things first – you need to select the right room and floorplan to fit both your needs as well as your budget. Here at CountryHouse, our Omaha location offers four different options for our residents to choose from: companion, private, deluxe private, and a private room option in our hearthside area. Prior to moving in, consider which option will best suit your loved one’s needs and preferences. When you come to take a tour of our beautiful community, make sure you inquire about the differences between each floor plan. This will help you to make the best decision for your loved one

2. Personalize with Familiar Furnishings

When moving to a senior living community, it is vital that your space feels as much like home as possible. Our residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and treasured items to integrate into their new space. Personalizing their room with familiar belongings can significantly enhance comfort and familiarity in their new environment. This is especially important for memory care residents, as having these tokens to connect to will help keep them grounded and feel safe. 

3. Create a Memory Wall

A great way to help your loved one feel right at home is to create a memory wall. Decorate one wall of their room with beloved family photos, favorite quotes, or artwork. This can be a comforting focal point to many residents, and it helps them to feel connected to their loved ones at all hours of the day. In addition to this, it can also serve as a conversation starter with fellow residents and staff. After all, who doesn’t love bragging about their children and grandchildren?

4. Organize for Ease of Use

Something to keep in mind when moving in is how to position items so that they are easily accessible. This means organizing and arranging all of their personal belongings in a way that is effective and easy to navigate. For example, don’t store items up too high where they might be difficult to reach. Also, pick a system that works best for your loved one, such as hanging shirts in a color coordinated fashion or arranging them from short sleeve to long sleeve tops. Simple organization can help those living with Alzheimer’s navigate their space more effectively.

5. Safety First

When arranging the space for a senior loved one, you need to ensure all furnishings and decorations are safe and easily navigable. If there are any cords from lamps or electronics, make sure that they are tucked away so they aren’t a trip hazard. Double check for proper safety measures in the bathroom or other tiled areas. Comfort and safety are paramount in creating a welcoming space.

6. Incorporate Sensory Elements

There is nothing quite like a cozy touch of home to really make a space feel calming. By adding items like soft blankets, scented candles, or soothing music, you can provide a sense of calm and familiarity. For those who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, having a sanctuary space that is soothing is absolutely essential. 

7. Label Items Clearly

Another great tip to consider is to clearly label any items or drawers. Clear labeling can help residents find what they need and maintain a sense of independence. Even if they forget where they store their towels or soap, a labeled drawer or basket will help direct them without having to ask for additional assistance.

8. Choose Comfort Over Style

While aesthetics are important, comfort should be the primary consideration. Soft seating, accessible bed heights, and easy-to-use appliances are crucial. When setting up your loved one’s space, be sure to keep comfort and coziness in mind. 

9. Regularly Update the Space

As needs and preferences change, so should the living space. Regular updates can keep the environment stimulating and comfortable. Don’t be afraid to switch things up to also include seasonal decor or changes in weather. For example, help your loved one feel cozy with fall and winter colors as well as fun and lively in the spring with florals and pastel tones. 

10. Involve Your Loved One in the Process

As much as possible, involve your loved one in decisions about their space. This can give them a sense of control and participation. For those living with dementia, it also allows them to feel seen and heard, which is invaluable. 

Winter Stays Available at the Best Memory Care in Omaha

If you’re considering memory care for someone you love, but aren’t certain about a permanent move, consider a winter stay at select CountryHouse communities this winter. The person you love will benefit from delicious homemade meals, activities and outings, as well as a community that’s specially designed for those with memory loss. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that they’re warm, safe, and in good hands with our experienced, caring staff.

Those who place a deposit on a Winter Stay before December 31, 2023, can stay for 3 months and get the 4th month of base rent-free. This offer provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the best memory care in Omaha with the added advantage of a special promotion.

Embracing the New Journey with CountryHouse

At CountryHouse, we offer comprehensive residential services including daily meals, snacks, housekeeping, activities, transportation, and more. Our in-house nurse or wellness director conducts assessments to determine care requirements, offering care plans from Level 1 to 5 based on individual needs. For those who assess at a Level 3 or lower, an all-inclusive plan is available, providing a locked-in rate for the duration of residency.

Our goal is to provide the best memory care in Omaha, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for our residents. If you’re considering memory care for your loved one and want to learn more about our community and services, we are here to help. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a tour. We are dedicated to answering your questions and guiding you through this important journey.

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