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Want to Better Connect With Your Senior Loved One? 5 Must-Read Communication Tips

Want to Better Connect With Your Senior Loved One? 5 Must-Read Communication Tips

As a caregiver for someone with any form of dementia, you may become frustrated with communication between your loved one and yourself. Regular activities are very important for senior adults, so finding a few you can enjoy together may be helpful to your communication. 

In addition, you may be ready to find memory care in Lincoln, Nebraska to assist in activity coordination to keep your loved ones busy and enjoying life in their later years. CountryHouse is just the place to help with your loved ones since their primary focus is on memory care. Staying active is how many senior adults lengthen their lives and enjoy their golden years. 

There are things you need to expect as you communicate with your senior loved ones. For instance, they may forget the right word, describe an object rather than naming it, or losing their train of thought. Let’s look at a few ways you can make communication easier with your senior loved ones:

#1) Visit the park

A park is a wonderful place to walk and get a bit of exercise with your loved ones. In warm weather months, many parks will have activities and events planned for your enjoyment when you visit there as well. There may be farmers’ markets, live music and other entertainment, and children playing on the equipment that you all can watch. 

The park makes an excellent choice for you and your loved ones since it is host to many activities for you to enjoy or just watch. 

Be patient as your loved one tries to express what they are seeing and feeling, and if they are having trouble with certain words when talking to others, you may be able to help by interpreting a bit. 

#2) Go on a picnic

You can pack a simple lunch and bring a blanket or chairs to a park, your own backyard or even decide to have it indoors if you prefer for health or other reasons. 

Bird watching is always a fun activity to include with your picnic. The birds or their singing may bring back memories to your loved ones. This is an easy activity, both physically and mentally, for them, and it can provide time for relaxing and talking while you all watch the birds. 

You might also consider exploring plants and flowers in the area, especially if your loved one enjoyed them in the past. They might enjoy telling you the things they know about the ones you see in the park or outdoor area where you are picnicking. 

Stay relaxed even if your loved one is having troubles with certain aspects of communicating. Learn to read body language to see when they may be starting to become frustrated, so you can help calm them and offer comfort. 

#3) Watch old movies

Find a classic or funny movie that is a favorite, and watch it together, or find a few and have a movie marathon day or evening. Movies, much like music, come back to a person as they watch them, so you may be able to talk about old memories that are evoked while watching. 

Make it a more fun and special event by making popcorn, getting their favorite candy and having a nice cold drink to enjoy during the film. Keeping it simple is your best bet. Be ready to talk about the movie, but don’t be discouraged if the same movie elicits much conversation one time viewing and little the next. 

#4) Plant a garden

Gardening is an excellent form of exercise while also being in a great space to visit while you do so. Hands in the dirt is considered a wonderful form of therapy for the body and mind, and Vitamin D is known to reduce some symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Gardening during the day can also help you sleep better at night. At CountryHouse our activities spread out through the seasons to help your loved ones always have outdoor and indoor engagement. 

Father and son siting on stairs talking and enjoying coffee together at memory care in Lincoln, Nebraska

#5) Take a trip down memory lane

Reminiscing is the best way to communicate with your senior loved ones. Reminding them of great memories by the things you do with them or through the conversations you have, can help to relax them and bring them some peace. This may happen with some of the above events, like when you watch a movie they’ve seen before, take a walk or plant a garden. Many activities like this can bring back fond memories of times past. You may very well find out details about their backgrounds you never knew before.

Finding out more about your loved ones as they remember their lives can greatly impact a person. You can discover things about why their personality is the way it is, and why certain things are very important to them. The more we know a person and their desires, the more we appreciate that person. 

Let Countryhouse Be Your Memory Care At Lincoln, Nebraska Today!

We all know communication is critical to our relationships with others. For senior adults, it is important to avoid criticizing them, correcting them or arguing with them. Activities that you can do with your senior loved ones to help with your communication with them can bring about even more closeness than you have enjoyed in the past. The present brings whole new opportunities for getting to know one another more deeply. 

CountryHouse is a unique memory care residential home that can help you keep your loved ones engaged and active. CountryHouse was designed with the purpose to help your loved ones feel comfortable and continue with as much independence in their lives as possible. We can also help you by taking over the role of primary caretaker, so you can enjoy activities that help you feel more like a family again. 
If you’d like to explore how CountryHouse can benefit your loved ones, please contact us for information or to schedule a tour. We would love to help you see all we have to offer.

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